What is a Property Condition Assessment?

When assessing a property’s value and investment potential, a CREtelligent Property Condition Assessment (PCA) is a great place to start. Also known as a Commercial Building Inspection or a Property Condition Report, a PCA examines every aspect of an asset’s condition from its foundation to its interior and exterior finishes, from its framing and roofing to its HVAC and electrical systems. A PCA also includes a review of the property’s ADA and other regulatory compliance. Our PCAs also provide reasonable estimates for the remaining useful life and cost of replacement of each dimension of your property’s built environment.

The Road to Collateral Certainty

A CREtelligent PCA can put lenders and investors on the road to collateral certainty! Our PCAs feature a walk-through site inspection that photographically documents readily apparent material and building system conditions affecting the value of a property. Every PCA report provides realistic cost opinions on the capital expenditures necessary to bring properties into ADA compliance, to execute immediate and short-term repairs, and to create a capital reserve fund to put a property on regular maintenance, repair, and replacement schedule. Our reports also provide Remaining Useful Life (RUL) estimates for each of a property’s interior and exterior structural components as well as its interior systems and finishes.


Property Condition Assessment

Evaluate a Property’s condition and determine if further scope of work is needed.


Environmental Site Assessment

Environmental Site Assessments evaluate the environmental risk of a property and it’s adjacent sites.


Commercial Valuation

Commercial valuations help determine a property’s value within current market conditions.


Flood-Zone Services

Flood Zone Determination helps lenders and borrowers determine the risk of flooding at a property location.

A Great Place to Begin.

You can be on the road to collateral certainty within 10-12 business days from a site inspection.

  • Follows the industry-accepted guidelines of ASTM E2018-15
  • Visual site inspection of the property and any additional onsite structures evaluating interior/exteriors
  • Photographic documentation of structural conditions (i.e., interior finish, foundation, framing, roofing, plumbing, and electrical systems)
  • Provides recommendations, preliminary cost estimates, and priorities for resolving deficiencies, updating major aging components, and undertaking further detailed investigations

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