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If you’re an Environmental Consulting, Valuation, or Assessment/Inspection firm, read on.

CREtelligent was founded to service the commercial real estate industry with environmental due diligence services. Today, our services are available nationwide and include all forms of property due diligence, including property condition assessments and inspections, valuation services, flood certificates, zoning reports, land surveys, climate reports, and more.

What makes us truly unique is our one-stop order platform RADIUS and its EnviroPreScreen Suite that makes it easy and highly cost-effective to instantly screen properties for environmental concerns. This self-serve screening is supplemented by full “boots-on-the-ground” investigations in what we call:

“High-Tech when you want it, High-Touch when you need it”™

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  • Nationwide network
  • Best-in-class support
  • Most advanced technology

Most business owners consider selling their business at one point in time. Over the last year, we’ve added four business acquisition all who have benefitted greatly from joining CREtelligent.

Leaders who join CREtelligent shed many hassles that go along with running a company, including managing employee benefits, accounting functions, sales and service, marketing and other resource dependent support systems.

Acquisition by CREtelligent can be part of a nimble growth strategy for proven or up-and-coming CRE due diligence firms that share CREtelligent’s vision of creating a national due diligence platform. Business owners appreciate the entrepreneurial environment, strong technology, corporate support and the RADIUS platform.

Leading Edge Technology,
Best-in-Class Support

CREtelligent industry-leading technology platform RADIUS and templates make it easier for you to work efficiently by producing high-quality, consistent, and professional work.

Acquisition provides substantial client service benefits too. With CREtelligent’s RADIUS platform and client success managers, clients have one point of contact for all their projects. In many cases, local customers have expanded their use of RADIUS for projects on a nationwide basis.

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Whether you’re looking for an efficient exit strategy for your business, or you wish to harness the growth-propelling resources of our national network, acquisition by CREtelligent may be an option worth exploring. As part of our growth trajectory, we are always open to new opportunities to expand our footprint in both new and existing markets.

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Hear from Our Latest Acquisition

AAI Joins CREtelligent

CREtelligent announced and welcomed Michael O’Connor and Assessment Associates, Inc. (AAI), a Portland, OR environmental consulting firm into the CREtelligent family of due diligence providers on June 15, 2021.

“Our whole team at AAI is excited to be joining forces with the CREtelligent family,” said Michael O’Connor. “We’ve always been about providing well-reasoned, quick-turnaround Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments at a competitive price point. Now, with this acquisition, we’re able to take our commercial real estate due diligence service offerings to a whole new level.”

About Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence. Simplified.
CREtelligent opened its doors more than six years ago as eScreenLogic, a Commercial Real Estate (CRE) environmental due diligence firm focused on desktop RSRAPhase I, and Phase II site assessments and reporting for commercial lenders, insurance companies, and brokers. The company has grown quickly and market demand for a “one-stop” CRE due diligence platform that offers more than environmental expertise for lenders and corporate entities has become clear. As a result, we’ve expanded to offer not only our full-service Environmental reporting but Valuation, Flood, Full Portfolio Asset Risk Monitoring and a number of other “Platform-as-a-Service” offerings too.

Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence, Simplified isn’t just a tagline, it’s become our product development mantra.

We are building the tools that you need to face the new markets we all find ourselves in today. This unique innovation-based approach enables our clients to make fast, accurate, and intelligent commercial real estate transaction decisions faster and simpler than ever before.

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