Phase I ESA – PCA – Zoning – Land Surveys

CREtelligent provides Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Property Condition Assessments, ALTA/NSPS Land Surveys, and Zoning Reports that help multifamily lenders originate loans that qualify for Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac financing.

Agency lending demands a unique set of skills and specialized technical expertise. We understand the nuances and specific requirements of Agency lending and how critical they are to your lending operations.

We have the knowledge, resources, and qualifications to provide best-in-class services that exceed those defined by the GSEs.

We provide:

  • Technical expertise and qualifications for:
    • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
    • Property Condition Assessments
    • ALTA/NSPS Land Surveys
    • Zoning Reports
  • Compliance with Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac guidelines, ASTM standards, ALTA/NSPS standards
  • On-demand support from our Agency Services team

All multifamily property types, nationwide coverage:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Assisted Living
  • Mixed Use
  • Student Housing

CREtelligent Agency Services is a highly specialized team that is laser-focused on all things Freddie and Fannie Multifamily. They stay up to date on the latest Agency underwriting requirements, including:

Freddie Mac

  • Multifamily Seller/Servicer Guidelines for both ESAs, PCAs, Zoning – Sept 2023
  • Sept 2023 Bulletin – Updated Radon requirements
  • Form 1103 Requirements for ESA
  • Form 1105 Requirements for a PCA
  • Form 4089 Requirements for Zoning
  • Form 1104 SBL Physical Risk Report

Fannie Mae

  • Multifamily Seller & Servicer Guidelines for both ESAs, PCAs, Zoning – Sept 2023
  • Supplement 23-04 PCA Underwriting Guidelines
  • Form 4251 Requirements for ESA
  • Form 4099 Requirements for PCA

Trust Your Agency Assessments to CREtelligent

Let our experts help you simplify the Agency lending process. Whether you bundle all of our services on your next Multifamily transaction or need one of our assessment services, you’ll rest assured that your loan package will meet the mark with the GSEs.

Meet the CREtelligent Agency Services Team

Jeremy Okrasinski
Director, Agency Practice Lead Environmental Due Diligence

Kurtis Beshers
Managing Director, Assessment Services

Tadd Clarkson
Director, Agency Practice Lead – Property Condition Assessments

Jack Stanton
Director, Agency Land Services