Introducing the EnviroPreScreen Suite

Every CRE Transaction Starts with EnviroPreScreen (EPS)

EnviroPreScreen Property Rating SystemThe EPS Suite is used by CRE professionals early in a transaction – at loan application, or initial site selection – to easily and cost-effectively determine the next steps in the CRE evaluation or underwriting process. Available through the Radius platform, it provides an instant, at glance view of any environmental issues on or around a property, and the ability to dive deeper into the data or get professional recommendations when additional investigation warrants. No more broken deals, delayed closings, wasted money and time, or unhappy clients.

A Prudent, Cost Effective Suite of Solutions to Manage Environmental Due Diligence

Nationwide coverage, access to accurate up-to-date environmental data, and comprehensive risk rating that you can act on, quickly.

EnviroPreScreen Property Rating System



The EPS delivers an instant, at glance view of
the subject property including a risk rating and aerial map showing any environmental points of interest.

Key Features:

  • Easy ordering (enter address, APN, or lat./long.)
  • Results in under 30 seconds
  • Searches subject property and adjacent to 1/8 mile
    (from outer parcel boundary)
  • Aerial photo with pin-drop of any regulatory database site records
  • Advanced algorithm provides risk rating of low, moderate, elevated

Use cases:

  • Pre-screen properties pre-underwriting to assess due diligence needs
  • Check conditions during loan life, on distressed properties, at disposition

EnviroPreScreen Advanced

EPS Advanced dives deeper into any points of concern by providing pertinent regulatory database information so you can define the best course of action.

Key Features:

  • All features of the EnviroPreScreen including risk rating, maps, POIs
  • Delivered in under 10 minutes
  • Easy in-report navigation, click to get additional insights quick
  • Includes noteworthy dates and statuses in regulatory database
    (i.e. spill or release dates, tank installation/removal, No Further Action status)

Use cases:

  • Gather additional information in the event EPS identifies concerns
  • Check conditions during loan life, on distressed properties, at disposition
  • Pre-screen properties pre-underwriting to assess due diligence

EnviroPreScreen Pro Insight

EPS Pro Insights includes a full review,
opinion and recommendations from a qualified CREtelligent Environmental Professional and all the data to back it up.

Key Features:

  • All features of EPS including Risk Rating and aerial maps
  • The data insights included in EPS Advanced
  • Plus, a full review, interpretation and recommendations from
    our in-house Environmental Professionals
  • Delivered to your desktop in less than one business day

Use cases:

  • Get professional recommendations on EPS findings
  • Get recommendations on identified issues on specific properties in portfolio
  • Pre-screen properties pre-underwriting to assess due diligence

Decrease Transaction Times.

Access our industry-leading environmental pre-screening tool through our CREtelligent Platform. In as few as 30 seconds, our proprietary algorithms identify which properties require additional environmental site assessment, identifying possible environmental risks to your subject site and adjacent commercial properties by evaluating regulatory database findings both on-and off-site.


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