In Depth Property Analysis

At the most basic level, a Phase II Limited Subsurface Investigation is an environmental site investigation that collects physical samples and subjects them to laboratory analysis specific to chemicals of concern (COCs) identified in the initial environmental site assessment. This data collection and analysis determines whether contaminants are present on site in sufficient concentration to pose a risk to human health or the environment.

Our Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA or Transaction Screen Assessment TSA) provides sufficient information for a qualified Environmental Professional (EP) to determine whether a Potential Environmental Concern (PEC) or a Recognized Environmental Condition (REC) exists on a property. Such environmental concerns are defined under ASTM Standard Guidance E1528 and or E1527 as “the presence or likely presence of any hazardous substances or petroleum products in, on, or at a property.” The detection of these conditions can lead an EP to recommend a Phase II investigation for further assessment.

What’s Involved in Phase II?

A Phase II begins by preparing an adequate scope of work to address the PEC or REC identified. After that our trained and qualified personnel collect the required samples. Samples are then sent to a certified analytical laboratory where they are tested and analyzed.

Once the lab results are returned, our EPs will interpret this data with respect to risk and make further recommendations as required. Empowered with this information, our client can make informed decisions based on their risk tolerance.

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Where the Road Ends

The cost of these Phase II investigations can vary significantly from site to site depending on subsurface lithological conditions, type of potentially impacted media, types of potentially discharged chemicals, the size of the testing site, accessibility for sampling equipment, personnel completing the investigation, and how quickly the investigation needs to proceed. Cost estimates to perform these Phase II investigations should be prepared by Environmental Professionals competent in field investigations and well-versed in analytical procedures.


  • Further evaluates environmental risks identified in Phase I ESA
  • Performed in accordance with state and local guidelines
  • Generally, follows ASTM designation E1903
  • Site-specific sampling of: air, water, soil, groundwater, soil vapor
  • Analytic results used to evaluate the risk to human health, the environment, and to determine the physical/chemical risk
  • Prepared and signed by an Environmental Professional