Zoning Reports for Commercial Properties

Get the Complete Picture with Fast, Reliable Commercial Zoning Insights

Commercial zoning reports are a critical component whether you’re checking to be sure a property is in compliance with local zoning code, or simply looking to understand local requirements. They are a critical component to understanding factors that could influence a property’s usage.

CREtelligent offers four types of Commercial Zoning Reports to provide the level of detail you need. Please NOTE we do not provide zoning reports on residential properties.

1. Zoning Compliance Report

The Zoning Compliance Report provides a detailed analysis of the local zoning ordinance requirements and the existing conditions on-site. Commentary pertaining to the property’s conformance with use, setback, height, area, density and parking zoning regulations is included. Public record requests provide insight into any special permits, zoning relief or open zoning violations affecting the property.

2. Use Analysis Reports

The Use Analysis Report provides the local development regulations (use, setback, height, parking, etc.) for a subject property and is combined with written zoning verification and public records requests from the local municipality. The Use Analysis Report is ideal for vacant land, an outparcel with a proposed land use, or zoning investigation on a potential property for purchase. It is accepted by all major lenders and financial institutions; the Use Analysis Report is a perfect tool to help in the issuance of ALTA Zoning Endorsement 3.06 (Zoning – Unimproved Land).

3. EZ Zoning Report

The EZ Zoning Report provides the most basic zoning information for a property. It provides a quick overview of the basic zoning requirements (setbacks, height, area, density & parking) without having to obtain written verification and document request from the local municipality. A delineated zoning map to confirm the applicable zoning district is provided, including the requirements as stated in the Zoning Ordinance.

4. EZ Zoning Report with Compliance

This report combines both the Zoning Compliance and EZ Reports to give you quick insights into a property’s basic zoning requirements as well as commentary pertaining to the property’s conformance with use, setback, height, area, density and parking zoning regulations.

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