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Due Diligence Differently. Why?

  • What if  the endless qualifying steps you had to take on every opportunity became fewer steps and lived on a single platform?
  • What if  you eliminated the use of a fax machine, Rolodex, or approved vendor list to hunt for someone that could complete your inspection or report by the deadline?
  • What if everything you do became faster, easier, and more accurate?

Point. Click. Decide.

Save valuable time with a one-stop solution for all due diligence: order, check status, receive and archive all your property due diligence reports in one spot.

RADIUS Streamlines CRE Due Diligence
RADIUS Improves your ROI

Knowledge is Power. Pre-knowledge is a Superpower.

Reveal issues early with cost-effective screening tools; leverage compliant, accurate, and quality assessments required for underwriting; easily monitor your CRE over the life of the asset.

Twice the Answers in Half the Time.

Reduce expenses associated with loan fallout with early property insights, screen more deals, reduce processing cycle time, control borrower closing costs, and improve customer experience.

RADIUS Reduces the Cost of CRE

One Stop, One Shop for All Due Diligence

Most intuitive, cost effective, all-encompassing property due diligence solution available

Environmental Reports & Services

A full range of reports and services, from self-help pre-screening tools to SBA compliant RSRAs, to Phase I & II Site Assessments written to ASTM 1527 standards, all available at your fingertips.

Key Services

Property Condition Reports & Services

On-site property inspections including ASTM 2018-15 compliant Property Condition Assessments, as well as inspection reports providing detailed investigation results such as needed repairs and associated costs.

Key Services

Valuation Reports & Services

A suite of cost-effective valuation solutions including instant property values with our automated valuation modeling reports to full USPAP compliant appraisals.

Key Services

Zoning, ALTA Surveys, Flood Certificates, Other Services

Access to the reports you rely on every day as part of your broader property due diligence and risk management program.

Key Services

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RADIUS provides you high tech when you want it with the ability to easily pre-screen a property for environmental issues or even its value, all with a simple mouse click. It gives you high touch when you needed it, for when a full Phase I, Property Condition Assessment, or an appraisal is required.