SBA Lenders & CDCs

CREtelligent understands SBA lending. Whether you’re an SBA lender or Certified Development Corporation, we can help you meet the underwriting requirements for environmental and other due diligence required for the 7a and 504 loan programs. And as someone who relies on the SBA lending program and its guarantee for your valued clients, that’s important.

We thoroughly understand the protocol for an SBA environmental investigation and have in-house expertise that can help you avoid screen outs and keep those deals moving. From environmental policy, questionnaires, Record Search with Risk Assessments, Phase I & IIs, we’ve got the solutions you need. Visit the SBA Resource Center here on our site and read the latest from our SBA experts or download any number of free valuable resources.

Retail - Owners/Operators

At CREtelligent, we understand the complexities involved during the site-selection process and how environmental concerns can significantly impact timelines and budgets. Our Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence services and on-staff Environmental Professionals can help identify potentially hazardous materials and/or contaminants early in the process to help you determine the best path forward. Our pre-screen tools, desktop solutions, and Environmental Professionals will enable you to avoid unforeseen delays and deliver a more efficient process to finding the right location. From Pre-screens through Phase I, Phase II, and PCA – we have the professionals and nationwide coverage to provide the due diligence services you need.



As a commercial broker, having access to fast, reliable property intelligence is key to a smooth transaction. Environmental due diligence ultimately comes up, and the sooner it does, the better for all. With CREtelligent’s EnviroPreScreen triaging tool, you can research the environmental health of any property and get results in under 30 seconds. Imagine entering every deal knowing in advance how much additional environmental due diligence a lender may require and leveraging that knowledge to reduce transaction fees for your clients and avoid deal-killing delays!

Our Broker Affiliate Program (BAP) is the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective way for you and your clients to get an environmental risk assessment and other services on a property.



CREtelligent knows collateral certainty is the heart of every transaction. Our environmental, valuation and commercial real estate due diligence products put you on the fast-track to confidence. We offer state-of-the-art CRE due diligence prescreening tools, starting with environmental prescreens, conventional RSRA desktop reports, environmental transaction screens, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Investigations and PCAs to understand whether environmental conditions create potential collateral risk. We also offer property condition reports, commercial appraisal services, broker opinions, property valuations, and portfolio monitoring services. In short, CREtelligent is your one-stop shop for all your due diligence needs.

Real Estate Investment Companies

Protecting margins and increasing profits demands fast, reliable information about emergent risks and market forces that affect the value of your asset portfolio. CREtelligent is your one-stop shop for commercial due diligence solutions for every phase of the property investment cycle. Whether you need a snapshot of the environmental health of a potential acquisition in under 30 seconds or more robust environmental due diligence research, CREtelligent has you covered. We also offer appraisal services, broker opinions, property condition assessments, and portfolio monitoring services to help you monitor the ongoing health of your investments.

Non-Bank Lenders

CREtelligent understands your business. Funding decisions are only as smart as the risk-assessment data upon which they rely. Until now, pre-loan due diligence was expensive, slow, and often required engaging multiple vendors to get the whole picture. Those days are over! CREtelligent offers a full suite of environmental due diligence solutions, including our industry-leading EnviroPreScreen report that gives you a snapshot of potential environmental risk in under 30 seconds. We also offer commercial real estate appraisals, property condition assessments, broker opinions, flood-threat assessments, and property valuation services. Get smart risk management data. Get CREtelligent.



We recognize that faster decision-making while maintaining an efficient and intuitive approach is not only a competitive advantage but a prerequisite for success. Our Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence solutions help underwriters and risk management teams streamline their environmental and property due diligence requirements, critical to CRE transactions. Whether you need environmental or valuation pre-screen tools, environmental reviews/opinions, desktop or site-recon solutions—CREtelligent will empower you to make accurate and timely decisions.


At CREtelligent, we are aware of a changing landscape and the growing benefits of 5G in the telecommunication industry. Whether you are adding small cell antennas to existing towers, utility poles or buildings, infrastructure improvements will be plenty and environmental requirements will play a large role. Our solutions deliver environmental pre-screen tools that provide fast, accurate and inexpensive “snapshots” of any potential environmental concerns. With industry-leading analytics and risk scoring, we quickly identify properties that need more in-depth environmental assessment.

Government and Municipalities

At CREtelligent, we are dedicated to providing environmental solutions critical to utility, municipal, military, and educational projects that help identify potentially hazardous materials or contaminants to determine remediation options. With industry-leading Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence services and a team of ON-STAFF Environmental Professionals that have deep experience with groundwater monitoring, soil sampling and vapor intrusion studies – we will help navigate the complexities of environmental due diligence. From Pre-screens through Phase-1, Phase-2 and PCA – we have the professionals and nationwide coverage to provide the due diligence services you need.

Developers, Construction Management and Engineering

Commercial Real Estate Developers, Construction Management and Engineering companies all rely on fast, reliable property intelligence while assessing a new project and certainly before the planning or build begins. With our EnviroPreScreen triaging tool, you can research the environmental health of any property and get results in under 30 seconds. Should your location need further diligence – RSRA, a Phase-1, or more, we have you covered there as well. CREtelligent offers the full range of environmental due diligence products as well as appraisal services, broker opinions, property valuations, and property condition assessments. Knowledge is power in any transaction especially for construction and pre-build site evaluations. Contact one of our due diligence experts so we can empower you.