Fast, Accurate Commercial Property Opinions of Values

Broker Price Opinions are a reliable tool to help CRE professionals understand the value of a commercial property. With a nationwide network of experienced agents and brokers, CREtelligent delivers reliable BPOs that take advantage of proprietary sales and rent data, current and relevant comparables, and local market knowledge. The BPO features:

  • Easy to interpret reports/values
  • Sales and Income approaches to value
  • Exterior and interior inspections
  • Delivered in under 7 days
  • Nationwide coverage
  • All property types including special purpose

When you don’t need a full appraisal, but still want a reliable analysis

With much faster turn times than appraisals, commercial BPOs can help expedite capital markets sales, loan servicing, small business loans or portfolio purchases. Get the BPO you need to enhance your analysis:

  • Exterior Drive By, Commercial Sales & Income
  • Exterior Drive By, Commercial Sales Only
  • Interior, Commercial Sales & Income
  • Interior, Commercial Sales Only

Sales Approach: Offers insight into past sales, evaluating comparable transactions of similar properties. Broker opinions highlight the difference and similarities between each comparable and the subject.

Income Approach: Includes a broker’s analysis into potential revenue for the property to determine impact on final sales price. It compares subject rental incomes, contract rent, market rent, and potential gross income.

Interior BPO: Includes photographing and assessing a commercial property’s interior condition. Items like room count, estimating square footage, and general condition are noted and considered by the broker. In some cases, the broker will contact the current owner or tenant.

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