An Automated Valuation Model for Commercial Properties

CREtelligent is excited to announce our Commercial Automated Valuation Model (CAVM) designed specifically for your commercial transactions. Easily accessed through the CREtelligent RADIUS platform, enter an address and some basic property information and get a CAVM in under 30 seconds.

We’ve teamed with Collateral Analytics (a Black Knight company) to provide a robust, accurate, and inexpensive Commercial Property AVM. With over a decade of leading-edge data science, econometrics, machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise, the Collateral Analytics AVM provides the most advanced valuation model on the market.

Available for all property types, the CAVM helps you:

Saving Time

Save time, reduce costs


Access property values virtually instantly


Speed decision making

Increase Capacity

Increase capacity to screen more properties, loans, deals


Improve risk management

Comprehensive, Easy-To-Interpret Reports

The CAVM uses robust valuation models that provide the data you need and the confidence you require in your value assumptions.

The CAVM report is loaded with data including:

  • Estimated property value (“probable price”)
  • Sales History
  • Market Statistics
  • Sales Comps, Rental Prices
  • Net Operating Incomes
  • Rent Rolls, Cap Rates
  • Sales comps with low, high, mean and median ranges
  • Property Information
  • Loan Information
  • Tax Information
  • Market Trends

Speed Your Decision Making when it Matters

While the CAVM is not intended to replace a traditional appraisal needed during loan underwriting, it does have many applications.

Typical CAVM use cases include:

  • Verifying asset values during life of loan
  • A tool for appraisal review
  • Verifying and updating multi-property portfolio value
  • Pre-screening/pre-qualifying loan applicants
  • During loan modifications, workouts, disposition
  • Determining listing prices for brokers/sellers
  • Identifying loan to value for certain loan products (extension of credit, etc)

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