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What’s your CRE’s Carbon Footprint?

How close are you to net-zero and what can you do about it

The focus on climate change and the drive towards net-zero carbon emissions is driving CRE investors, owners, and developers to take a close look at the carbon footprint of their assets and future projects.

That’s why we’ve partnered with WattCarbon to deliver the CREtelligent Carbon Footprint PreScreen, a report that helps you measure carbon emissions associated with a building’s energy usage. It also provides recommendations to reduce carbon emissions.

Ideal for early real estate due diligence, screening, and decarbonization planning, it helps to understand how close you are to net-zero and what you can do about it.

  • Estimate emissions of assets in portfolio
  • Identify pathways to reach annual net-zero
  • Optimize the purchase of “green” power
  • Optimize building operations to reach 24/7 net zero
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Know Your CRE’s Fuel Sources

Fuels used to power the grid change from hour to hour, and also have seasonal shifts. The Carbon Footprint PreScreen uses real-time carbon emissions data by “fuel source” to show when your asset is most dependent on carbon-heavy sources. It helps take the guesswork out of net-zero by embedding measurement into operations and reporting tools.

Comprehensive Coverage of the Built Environment

Powerful synthetic data tools to create hourly load profiles for almost commercial real estate, solar, wind farms, and more. You can easily understand and plan for load dependency before development.

Data-Rich, Actionable Reports

  • Breakdown of grid mix of fuel/source
  • Carbon-based sources: coal, nuclear, natural gas, etc.
  • Carbon-free sources: Hydro, Wind, Solar
  • Metrics for CRE asset’s energy consumption and carbon release by day, month, and annual
  • Comparison of your grid mix against national averages
  • Analysis of average daily energy mix
  • Recommendations to reduce dependency on carbon-producing energy
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