Why Get a Report Review?

The Report Review is an independent, third-party review of a previously completed environmental site assessment. It is frequently requested by our banking, lending, and broker clients who have received a Phase I, Phase II, or other form of environmental due diligence from a consultant not inside their approved vendor list or as an independent quality check. Our review is performed to evaluate the content of these reports against ASTM reporting criteria and industry standard practices.

The reports are typically performed as a safeguard to assess the validity of the conclusions and recommendations of the initial study conducted. CREtelligent environmental professionals are available to provide a comprehensive independent review of environmental due diligence reports completed by other consultants.

Benefits of a Report Review

  • Provide a summary of the report findings and recommendations
  • Review information provided in the report to determine if the findings and recommendations of the consultant are logical and follow ASTM and/or Industry Standards
  • Provide recommendations for additional improvements or changes to the report or determination if additional due diligence may be required

Cost and Turn Time

Most Phase I or Phase II report reviews start at $295. This price can go up based upon complexity, property size, and/or a number of reports. From the placement of order, our EP team typically completes and delivers the review within three business days.