Gain a Better Understanding of Climate Impact on Your CRE

More and more CRE professionals are considering climate related factors in their allocations, investment strategies, risk analysis and site selection. ClimateCheck offers a comprehensive, forward-looking climate change risk assessment for every property in the United States based on five hazards:

Fire  •  Flood  •  Heat  •  Drought  •  Storm

The ClimateCheck report combines historic data and climate models to produce a detailed risk assessment of all hazards for a property. Run a ClimateCheck Report against a single property, or against an entire portfolio.

Comprehensive Property Reports

The ClimateCheck report provides a property rating that offers a snapshot of climate change risk for quick screening. The full property report provides a comprehensive climate risk analysis with in-depth 30-page report with geographic comparisons and risk characteristics over time. The report provides easy to understand metrics:

  • Simple 1-100 rating indicating resiliency to climate change
  • Current Risk - Based on historical data
  • Multiple climate change scenarios
  • Future Risk Over Time - 5 year increments 40 years into the future
  • Geographic comparison
Comprehensive property rating offers a snapshot of climate change risk for quick screening

Property Climate Risk Report

Offering a snapshot of climate change risk for quick screening.

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Portfolio Risk Overview

Provides a visual summary of your portfolio’s exposure, making it perfect for high level communication and investor reporting.

Data and Methodology

The data and methodology used in producing these Climate Reports includes aggregating and distilling 30 global climate models, from peer-reviewed government and academic sources into a comprehensive risk assessment. The result is a rating from 0-100 that measures how resilient a property is to climate change over the next 5-30 years.

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