ASTM/AAI Compliant Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is an evaluation of a property, that identifies potential or existing environmental liabilities. Our team of professionals will thoroughly assess the historical and current usages of the property and adjacent sites, perform a rigorous site reconnaissance, review available regulatory databases, and conduct interviews with regulators, owners, and occupants to develop a clear perspective on potential environmental risks.

Procuring an Environmental Site Assessment

Each Phase I ESA we perform follows the guidelines set forth in the most current American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standard for Phase I ESAs. A Phase I ESA is a critical part of the due diligence process as it provides the investor/borrower/lender the protections from liability associated with preexisting conditions afforded by the US EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiries rule and from many state regulators as well.

Mitigate Your Risk

Environmental Site Assessments are performed to evaluate environmental conditions at a property to mitigate the lender’s risk in a CRE transaction.

Competitive Rates, Aggressive Scheduling

Time and money are valuable. Our ESAs are performed swiftly and with the highest quality to keep your CRE transaction moving forward. Our streamlined services and intuitive ordering platform optimize CRE due diligence and reduce transactional complexity and allow us to reduce our costs.

Understand Your Site

Be prepared and knowledgeable about your investment. A Phase I ESA will give you a professional opinion on the environmental condition of your property.

Phase I ESAs to Meet Your Needs

All our Phase I ESAs will meet the requirements of the latest ASTM standard. But we frequently modify our reports to include additional requirements of different lenders, the Small Business Administration, and other agencies.

  • Performed in general accordance with the most current ASTM E1527 standard
  • Meets EPA All-Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) requirements
  • All ESAs are performed under the supervision of an individual that meets the US EPA’s the definition of an Environmental Professional
  • Records review of all available local, state, and federal regulatory agency databases exceeds SBA requirements when needed

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