Understand Potential Environmental Risks

Our EnviroScreen Report is a desktop environmental assessment used by commercial real estate lenders, brokers, and borrowers to better understand environmental risks to existing portfolio properties or pending investments. Also known as a Record Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA), it was designed to meet the specific requirements of the Small Business Administration’s protocol for environmental investigations – SOP 50 10 7.

Many lenders use this tool for non-SBA deals too as it is a prudent yet cost-effective option for environmental risk management. This comprehensive report makes use of a broad array of historical database information, including available aerial photographs Sanborn Maps, and city-specific directories. Additionally, this report requires a regulatory database record search set to the ASTM prescribed search radius, as well as any available archival information previously provided by existing or previous subject site stakeholders (i.e., questionnaires, prior environmental reports, etc.).

Leading RSRA Services

Our staff of Environmental Professionals (EPs) synthesize information gathered from multiple data sets and craft their findings into comprehensive due diligence narratives, succinct executive summaries, and provide you with well-considered insights and recommendations. Our EP’s conclusions add considerable contextual value and utility to these in-depth reports, providing powerful “next-step insights” for lending professionals and borrowers alike that minimize institutional risk and exposure to potential environmental hazards.

EnviroScreen Delivers Insight

  • The fastest and most comprehensive RSRA that meets SBA Requirements
  • 5-7 business day turn time
  • Includes reviews of all available historical resources, client-provided documents, and regulatory agency databases specified by ASTM E1527-21
  • Extensive search radius
  • Includes an EP’s expert interpretation of onsite and offsite regulatory data
  • EP’s professional risk opinion and next-step recommendations