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We’re delighted to announce partnerships with ReGrid and Zoneomics that allow for the integration of zoning designation information into the RADIUS platform.

RADIUS now serves up zoning designation information (i.e. Multi-Family Residential District) to assist in property analysis, providing extensive coverage spanning 6,800 municipalities and encompassing more than 87 million parcels across major metro areas in the United States.

“This is another great addition to the RADIUS platform,” said CREtelligent Product Director Travis Hickey, “Our goal is to enhance RADIUS by adding important data sets that empower real estate professionals to make fast, accurate decisions. Zoning information is one example.” The strategic partnership harnesses the expertise of ReGrid and Zoneomics, leaders in parcel and zoning data and analytics.

Jack Stanton, Director of Land Services at CREtelligent says while CREtelligent already offers in-depth zoning compliance research, the addition of this basic zoning information aligns with CREtelligent’s goal of providing instant information for initial site screening.

“This announcement is just the beginning. We’re committed to continuously enhancing RADIUS and its zoning data offering, ensuring users stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving zoning landscape,” said Stanton. RADIUS users will start seeing the zoning data in their property attributes screen immediately said Stanton.

Reach out to your CREtelligent representative for more information.

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