Environmental Solutions Designed for Ag-Lenders

As an PassKey Partner, CREtelligent serves as a trusted, independent provider of information and expertise around environmental assessments required by the Farm Credit System and ag lending. Ag lenders use our RADIUS platform to instantly screen and risk rate properties for environmental issues. This EnviroPreScreen is changing how environmental due diligence is managed, providing instant, actionable insights into property conditions so you can set expectations early in the ag-lending process. Even monitor collateral over the loan term.

More than instant Screening

In addition to instant environmental screen, RADIUS serves as a one-stop platform where loan officers or credit staff can order, receive, and archive all due diligence including environmental desktop reports and Phase Is, as well as property inspections, valuation services, land surveys, zoning, climate, flood investigations, and other reports required for the ag-credit underwriting process.

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Through FCCS and PassKey, Farm Credit members get two months free when signing up for a 12-month subscription to RADIUS – essentially a 14-month subscription for the price of an annual subscription.

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