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Pandemic-Proof Your Transaction Funnel.
No Onsite Inspection Required.

We strive to provide optimized services, improved decision-making analytics, and decreased approval times. When circumstances limit on-site property inspections, EnviroScreenPRO provides everything a borrower expects from a gold-standard commercial real estate due diligence investigation.

Supercharged Desktop Report.

Introducing EnviroScreenPRO™, an evolutionary leap forward in desktop reports. EnviroScreenPRO adheres to all Small Business Administration(SBA) requirements and adds an Enhanced File Review (EFR), providing valuable additional site information. Our EPs then take a deeper dive, evaluating on- and off-site risk factors through a review of available regulatory files and provide guidance on possible next steps when elevated environmental risk factors are identified. In short, CREtelligent’s EnviroScreenPRO gives you everything a typical RSRA provides, adding everything else a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) provides, except an in-person site inspection.

Balancing Due Diligence
and Public Safety.

EnviroScreenPRO is the industry’s first COVID-19-responsive environmental due diligence report. We recognized that not all commercial real estate transactions carry the same level of environmental risk. So, we tailored an approach that allows CRE transactions to proceed that might otherwise be delayed by site-access restrictions prompted by public health concerns.

While our NEW EnviroScreenPRO may be streamlined, it is nevertheless rigorous, strictly adhering to the ASTM’s Standard Practice for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (minus an in-person inspection). If your loan transaction times have begun to slow, reach out to our team to get things flowing once more.

EnviroScreenPRO gives the Complete Report.

  • Five-business-day turnaround from project kickoff (may be affected by regulatory agency response times)
  • Performed in accordance with ASTM E1527-13, but without on-site reconnaissance
  • Environmental Professionals perform and review all aspects of this rigorous assessment
  • Title records, environmental liens, activity and use limitations are reviewed when provided information are EP-reviewed
  • Interviews with current and past owners and key site personnel are performed when available
  • Full ASTM database search
  • All available data evaluated to identify Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs)
  • Review and evaluation of the subject site’s geophysical setting geophysical setting
  • Review of all available historical resources (aerial photographs, city directories, fire insurance maps, etc.)
  • Regulatory database search of local, state, and/or federal regulatory databases, as specified in ASTM E1527-13

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